Executive search is the sophisticated process aimed at identifying, evaluating and inserting strategic and top-level candidates within a company. We specialize in the search for Top and Senior Management candidates.

Process – Phases of the research

Promelec follows the following phases for selecting each type of profile:


Analysis of the business context; of the internal organization and of the culture and strategy. The approach to the market and finally the scrutiny of the profile of the candidate to be sought both from a professional and personal point of view


Definition of the people involved in the project, research team and company contacts, as well as methods and timing of execution


Mapping of target companies and identification of potential candidates who hold similar positions or have the potential to fill them successfully


Direct and private contact with candidates and individual interviews in order to verify the professional and personal characteristics, potentials, objectives and motivation for change

Candidate presentation

Presentation of the shortlisted suitable candidates for the position through curriculum vitae accompanied by our evaluation (Personal Report). Assistance and support to the client company during the interview of the final phase


Assistance and support at the request of the client during the negotiation phase of the hiring proposal


Contact with the chosen candidate during the insertion phase in the company and collection of periodic feedback with the company and candidate