Founded in 1988 in Milan, Promelec International has established itself as a reliable partner of companies, positioning itself at the top of the market for the search for managerial profiles in Italy and abroad, based on Anglo-Saxon model


Promelec International has always conducted Executive Search activities at an international level, operating directly or through partner companies, concluding all its business projects in the top world economies (European Union, Europe Extra EU, Asia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East) in all business areas.

Our added value

The chosen strategy of operating with over 20 partners around the world is recognized by our customers as an added value:

Process management

By managing the process directly, also with the support of the Partner, we know the problems of recruiting managers in the various Markets

Single interlocutor

The customer has a specific interlocutor, guaranting the results, regardless of the country


Promelec International has its Head Office in Italy and branches in the most important regional capitals.
The particular characteristic of our organization is the uniqueness of the company structure, made up of a network of consultants with notable experience in Executive Search at a global level.
The consultants are supported by a staff of Recruiters dedicated to capillary and extensive research activities aligned to the specific needs of the client.
The consultants share the cultural and industrial specificities of the various territories in which they operate with their clients.

Relationship with customers

At the base of all the consultancy activities carried out by Promelec International there is a profound ethical sense, of respect, fairness and strict observance of reciprocal agreements.
Promelec International consultants carry out their professional activity based on the following guidelines:

  • Accurately understand the organization of the client company, what are the development needs and the positions to be filled.
  • Accept only the business projects that they are sure to carry out successfully, based on rigorous feasibility, analyzes and the real possibility of operating in an optimal way to satisfy the specific request.
  • Assist clients with integrity and objectivity, providing objective and impartial assessments of the relevant facts to the project.

Code of ethics and guarantees

Promelec International consultants, in order to carry out their business responsibly, are guided by rigorous ethical principles that reflect the fundamental values of the profession.

Confidentiality of information

Promelec International consultants guarantee the confidentiality of information regarding customers and candidates in compliance with current regulations on privacy.

Conflict of interest

Promelec International consultants protect their integrity, objectivity and loyalty to avoid any type of conflict of interest with their clients